Namibia has the perfect weather conditions for filmmakers. It is the second most arid country in Africa, along the coast and in the south west of the country annual rainfall ranges between only 0 – 10 mm per year, almost exclusively in the summer months from November to April. Since Namibia is scarcely populated and vast, there is virtually no pollution or smog and during the dry season the sun shines undisturbed from clear blue skies, making sunsets and sunrises an unforgettable experience.

With 300 days of sunshine on average per year, Namibia is truly a sunny place. During the summer months the usually dry riverbeds become saturated with torrents of muddy water in a very short time. It is during this time that the sun-scorched land comes to life and develops a colourful horizon to horizon floral carpet within a few days. Majestic clouds with colourful sunsets and sunrises add dramatic backdrops to the beautiful landscapes of Namibia.

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