About NFC

Namibia has been characterised as having geographic attributes that have been described as being four countries in one. Four different and varied landscapes, each with its own features and attractions.

What Namibia has to offer?

Namibia’s vast expanse encompasses the world’s highest sand dunes, the largest single piece of meteor on earth weighing 66 tonnes, the world’s oldest desert and the world’s second largest canyon. Namibia is also the fifth largest country in Africa – larger than Spain and Germany combined, yet despite the 824,292 square kilometres of still desert, less than 2.5 million people live here – the same amount of people who live in Paris!

The more you know about the multi-faceted country that is Namibia, the better your filming experience in beautiful Namibia, will be.



Permits Facilitators/Service Providers

All commercial filming projects in Namibia are regulated. Companies are required by Namibian law to apply for a filming permit as well as a temporary work visa for all foreign personnel. This also includes documentaries and still shoots.

How can we help you?

The NFC will assist filmmakers to obtain the following:

Any commercial filming or photography in Namibia needs to direct a request to the NFC three weeks prior to  arriving in the country,  by completing an application forwarding it via fax or email  to  the Commission.

An administrative fee of N$ 1 500 is payable to the NFC. This does not exclude documentaries or still shoots. All production teams require film permits and visas to legally operate in Namibia.

All foreign crews (non-Namibians) working in Namibia must have a valid temporary work permit to work on a film set in Namibia. This applies irrespective of how many days of filming.

Production Expenditure

Location Production Expenditure Report All film production companies are requested to complete a Location Production Expenditure Report after completion of filming. The report serves the Namibia Film Commission as feedback and support. Two edited copies of the finished product for our archives For record purposes we request to provide us with two copies of the finished product which should to be directed to the Namibia Film Commission.

Banking Details

Bank details Account name: Namibia Film Commission Secretariat

Bank name: First National Bank of Namibia

Account number: 62086706515

Branch: Windhoek Commercial Suite

Branch code: 281-972

Swift code: FIRNNANX